2013-2014: SFI Research and Design Challenge
Over the course of the 2013-2014 academic year, SFI sponsored an organic, asynchronous research and design challenge (RDC) dedicated to exploring the political, historical, and visual complexities of information visualizations. Specifically, the RDC was animated by the following questions: What if every information visualization contained within it some (or all) of the previous visualizations produced using the same data? What if information visualizations aged, accumulated, layered, or accreted over time, expressing their own intellectual and material histories as a surface effect? How would such aggregations change, alter, or adapt viewers’ perceptions of this mode of information delivery?

Participant: Matt Gray [CLICK HERE to learn more]

2012-2013: “Crowdsourced Music: Social and Aesthetic Implications” Over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year, researchers at the School of Information Sciences partnered with researchers in the Department of Music at the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences to investigate the growing use of crowdsourcing in the production of music, and to compare cultures of crowdsourcing in the performing arts with cultures of crowdsourcing in the sciences. This work was sponsored by a Collaborative Research Grant from the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center and culminated in a public colloquium that was held at the iSchool in April 2013.